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About 10 years ago, we moved to Silicon Valley and started to explore one of the most incredible places on Earth. Previously, we had lived in many different places—different continents—and experienced many different cultures. We traveled from the heart of Europe to the opposite side of the world (New Zealand) before finally landing somewhere in between (Los Angeles).


In Silicon Valley anything is possible. We had to learn, unlearn and relearn again.


The Promo trilogy we’re sharing with you is a work of fiction, but it’s also part of our lives.

Writing screenplays, short stories, TV/Web series, blogs, textbooks

Directing, producing, and editing feature, documentary, promo, animated, and experimental films

Teaching film & video production, film theory and history

Creating ideas and concepts for books, movies, and TV/Web series

Publishing fiction and scientific books, books for youths

Producing documentary, experimental, and animated films

Book cover design


Mini Gallery

Film Club


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